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News image International Day at school News | Whole school
Iconic Tradition: International Diversity Day Celebration
We welcome and appreciate the cultural diversity that each of us brings to our school community!
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News image School football competition News | Whole school
Sea Dragons Sports Spectacular
On Friday 12 and Saturday 13 April there was a huge buzz around the school as we invited schools from Jinshitan, Shenyang, Changchun and Xi'an for a multi-sports event.
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News image Jiujitsu in the dorm Blog | Whole school
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class for Boarding Students
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is championed as a metaphor for life, offering lessons that extend far beyond physical self-defense.
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News image Book Week News | Whole school
Books Are Magic! Reading Activities at DAIS
This year’s Book Week at DAIS took place on March 25-29.
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News image Game winner News | Whole school
Wingo Night 2024 at DAIS: Thank You to All Players and Sponsors
The Wingo Night event at the DAIS campus turned out to be a tremendous success!
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News image Rubic Cube competition News | Whole school
3.14 Celebrating Pi(e) Day: A Fun-Filled Mathematical Event
Pi Day is dedicated to honoring the mathematical constant π (pi). But the fun didn’t end up there!
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News image Dr. Ira Canada in the Learning Support office News | Whole school
Learning Support and Parenting Guidance: Meet Dr. Ira Canada
Dalian American International School offers professional support to all students and families who need it.
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News image Santa Claus News | Whole school
Christmas Season Is Here!
December was busy at DAIS with many festive activities, challenges and performances.
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News image Monster Mash photo booth News | Whole school
Spooky Spectacle: DAIS Haunted House and Monster Mash
Our school's Monster Mash and Haunted House were spookily successful this year!
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News image Dr. Raimund Roesch and Mr. Martin Moratillo News | Whole school
DAIS Creativity Hub Project
The Art and Design department is proud to introduce its new project - the DAIS Creativity Hub.
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News image Students learn about the importance of Environmental Health News | Whole school
Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals: Advisory Unit 1
The capstone event for the Advisory Unit 1 unit took place on October 17.
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News image Mr. Paul Robinson News | Whole school
Introducing Our New Athletics and Activities Director
We are excited to introduce the new addition to our school’s faculty: Mr. Paul Robinson.
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News image Student Government and NHS members News | Whole school
Student Organizations Getting Ready for Halloween
Monster Mash is the Student Government’s biggest fundraiser that supports future student-led activities.
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News image Dr. Glenn Odland News | Whole school
International Schools Services Executive Visited DAIS
We had a fantastic opportunity to welcome Dr. Glenn Odland from International Schools Services to our campus.
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News image 2023 NAE-UNICEF Summit News | Featured | Whole school
UNICEF Summit Inspired and Empowered DAIS Delegates
Congratulations to Serena Liu and Suah Lee on being selected as our NAE-UNICEF Summit Representatives this year.
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News image First aid training News | Whole school
Teachers Familiarize Themselves With First Aid Skills
Including health, first aid, and especially CPR knowledge in staff training is essential.
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News image Family Fun Run News | Whole school
DAIS Community Came Together for Family Fun
It was exciting to see the entire school community gathered together on Friday, September 15 for fun and fellowship.
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News image Reconstruction of the secondary school building News | Whole school
Summer Renovation and Reconstruction Projects on DAIS Campus
We are excited to announce the news of campus development projects that will significantly enhance and support our program of learning.
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