We offer your child a warm, caring stay during term time. 
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The residential program at DAIS is a rich and engaging program designed to foster community, leadership, and academic growth. Through the active guidance of our Residential Teachers and their communications with parents, students learn to self-reflect, make good choices, and become more independent and mature individuals.
Eladio Rivera
Dormitory Supervisor

Our approach to boarding

Our warm, positive boarding facilities offer a balanced, healthy lifestyle at the core of boarding life at DAIS. Small dorms, with rooms for 4 students sharing, create a welcoming environment to form long-lasting bonds. Air-conditioning and purification, heating, and en-suite bathrooms provide comfort, while card-only access ensures security.  

Health and wellbeing

We understand the effect of a positive living environment and go to great lengths to provide a safe, healthy and supportive setting. 
  • Professional pastoral care to look after your child individually
  • Quality living environment
  • Rich boarding activities
  • 24 hours medical assistance in campus
  • Healthy and nutritional meals
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Boarding handbook

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Someone who will share a smile, listen, or offer reassurance and advice is important wherever you are, but especially when you’re away from home. Our team is here for the big and little things. 
Tingting Wang
Head of House (girls)
Tingting graduated from Harbin University, Majoring in Education. After graduation, Tingting taught at a Guangzhou Boys Chinese and English school for more than two years. She has now worked at DHS Boarding for more than 9 years.  During this time, she has encouraged children in her life by helping them to love themselves by being positive and optimistic, as well as assisting them to form good habits and become independent people. 
Henry Han
GST Coordinator
Henry graduated from Mudanjiang Normal University as an English Education Major. After graduation, Henry became a middle school teacher in Harbin. Two years later he became a private English teacher. He continued to look for different types of teaching methods for children and then came to DHS to work, first as a Dormitory Teacher, and later as GST coordinator. 
Elaine Yu
Weekend Event Coordinator
Elaine graduated from the University of Leeds, majoring in Accounting and Finance. After working with National Health Services (NHS) in the UK, Elaine returned to China, where she worked in accounting firms and other enterprises. Fulfilling a longstanding interest in the education field, she joined DHS. Elaine understands that a full seven-day boarding school needs an active and attractive Weekend Program to help students develop a good outlook on life and social responsibility, master a variety of skills, and lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, she and her team have been arranging for students to try new activities such as visiting places they otherwise may not see, and widening their cultural and social horizons, while having a great time with their peers. 
James Tzu Yang Huang
Head of House (Boys)
James has been with DHS Boarding since 2014, first working with the weekend students, then leading the night staff. With hobbies include volunteering, helping those in need, music, and Brazilian Jiujitsu, James graduated in 2012 from Trinity Western University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a Human Service’s certificate, as well as a Music Concentration and Psychology minor.   


  • What is the size of the bed in the room? Do you provide luggage? What do I need to bring? 
    The size of the bed is 1x2m, only one mattress is provided, luggage is not provided, and all other items need to be prepared by yourself.  
  • Can five-day students stay overnight on weekends?
    Five-day students must leave school during weekend vacations. If they need to stay at school under special circumstances, they need to apply in advance before consideration can be given to whether or not they can stay overnight. The stay requires an additional fee (Parents agree to apply for overnight stay, and the overnight application form will be submitted to the Finance Department. Parents will be issued invoices by the financial department).  
  • Can seven-day students leave school on weekends? 
    Seven-day students can leave school on weekends, but they need to be picked up and dropped off by parents in accordance with the sign-out rules. If a student goes home by public transportation such as high-speed rail, the parents need to notify the dormitory duty phone at least 24 hours in advance and send the child's ticket information, as well as any other relevant information, to the dormitory duty phone. Once the child has arrived at home, a photo of parent and child must be sent to the dormitory duty phone.  
  • Will there be activities organized during the weekend? 
    Seven-day boarding students must participate in activities every Saturday. They are led by a dormitory teacher. Students in grades 7-10 must participate. If they cannot participate for special reasons, they can exercise by themselves for one hour or spend the activity time studying with a teacher.  
  • Can boarding students return to school on Monday morning? 
    Boarding students generally return to school the night before the class starts. If they do not return, their parents need to send a message to the dormitory duty phone in advance. 
  • Can express delivery be accepted for five-day boarding students? 
    5-day students are not allowed to receive express delivery. Only through application for express delivery can delivery of documents such as ID cards and passports be permitted. If your child needs to receive express delivery in special circumstances, you need to contact the dormitory duty phone in advance and explain the reason. If parents do not inform the dormitory office in advance, the guards have the right to reject the express delivery.  
  • Can students order take-out food? 
    Seven-day boarding students can order take-out food on weekends at the prescribed times. Normally, all students cannot order take-out.  
  • What time do students turn off the lights to go to bed at night? 
    Boarding students hand in their mobile phones between 10:00-10:10 at night. Lights-out is at 10:30 p.m.
  • How do boarding students check out?  
    According to the checkout rules for boarding students, if a student checks out from the dormitory from Sunday to Thursday, the parent needs to pick up the child in person, only after getting permission. If your child needs to sign out during class hours (8:45-15:15), they need to go to the middle school office to sign out.  


Our friendly admissions team is here to make sure every step of the process runs smoothly.  
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  • Individual support and care
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