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News image Grade 5 promotion event News | Elementary
Stepping Up: Grade 5 Promotion Celebration
Grade 5 students at DAIS are ready for their transition to secondary school.
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News image Wilderness camp and rope park News | Elementary | Middle school
Wilderness, Survival and Teamwork Outdoor Camp
Grade 5 and 6 students embarked on a transformative field trip designed to ease their transition into middle school.
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News image Magnet challenge in the elementary school News | Kindergarten | Elementary
Build Better Energy: MIT Challenge #2
In this challenge, MIT doctoral candidate Shon Mackie is working with a group of ambitious researchers to make renewable energy through nuclear fusion.
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News image Elementary winter concert News | Kindergarten | Elementary
Snow Show by DAIS Elementary
Forty minutes of pure entertainment where everything was about powdery snow and winter weather!
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News image Bartosz Zimoch - Supply Chain and Risk & Security Manager at IKEA Dalian News | Elementary | Middle school
Creativity Hub in December
We will have more Creativity Hub events after Chinese New Year celebrations!
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News image Boarding activity News | Elementary
Quadrilla - Revolutionary Approach to Learning in Elementary Dormitory Curriculum
Our Elementary Dormitory Curriculum has recently been enriched with an exciting new addition – the "Quadrilla" course.
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News image Mr. Yu, the founder of Ling Zhi Mei Zi Seafood Rice Noodles News | Elementary
Creativity Hub: Brand Innovation
We welcomed Mr. Yu, a DAIS parent and the founder and chairman of Ling Zhi Mei Zi Seafood Rice Noodles.
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News image Girl creating an automated pollinator News | Elementary
Build Better Plants: MIT Challenge
DAIS Elementary students ;have taken on the 1st MIT Challenge of the year: Build Better Plants.
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News image Summer camp on DAIS campus News | Elementary
Sea Dragon Summer Camp 2023 Recap
Sea Dragon Summer Camp 2023 on Dalian American International School campus has been a blast!
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News image Elementary school concert News | Kindergarten | Elementary
Elementary School Spring Concert
Flight 0525 safely landed on May 25 afternoon in the South Gym after our elementary crew took us around the world.
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News image Transition to secondary school News | Elementary | Middle school
Grade 5 Promotion
Our 5th graders are now ready to go to Secondary School!
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News image Elementary School Showcase News | Kindergarten | Elementary
DAIS-E Showcase of Learning
Elementary students invited their families to the classrooms on May 25.
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News image Community time News | Elementary
Third Grade Community Time
DAIS students started celebrating Earth Week in advance.
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News image 3D Art project News | Elementary | High school
Elementary Art Students Visit Secondary School
Grade 4 students attended 3D Art projects presentation in DAIS Secondary.
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News image Kung Fu in school News | Kindergarten | Elementary
Grade 4 Community Time
On February 9th, Grade 4 hosted a Community time for DAIS Elementary.
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News image Pirate Christmas News | Elementary
A Bugz Christmas and A Pirate Christmas: Elementary Winter Concerts
It was fantastic seeing our two productions finally come up together on January 6th.
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News image Welcoming Refugees Project News | Elementary
Students Rebuild: Welcoming Refugees Project
Through this initiative Elementary students at DAIS were able to raise $655 through their works of art.
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News image Elementary community time News | Elementary
Grade 5 Community Time
We hope all guests enjoyed our Elementary School Community Time on November 4th hosted by fifth grade.
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News image Kids reading to kids News | Elementary | Middle school
Story Time: Kids Teaching Kids
Grade 8 Health Education class students read hand-made books about stress to elementary school kids.
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News image Robotics competition winner News | Elementary
Grade 5 Student Gets First Prize in Robotics
This August, Albert from DAIS Grade 5 and his bot Battleaxe was awarded the first prize in robot combat.
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