30 November, 2023

Quadrilla - Revolutionary Approach to Learning in Elementary Dormitory Curriculum

Boarding activity

Our Elementary Dormitory Curriculum has recently been enriched with an exciting new addition – the "Quadrilla" course. Lauded by the Wall Street Journal for its innovative approach, this cutting-edge educational experience ingeniously intertwines play with learning.

Central to Quadrilla is a unique system of "bricks" and "slots," creating a marble run that mirrors coding principles. This forms an excellent platform for cultivating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) skills. The course is skillfully led by Eladio Rivera, Head of the Boarding Department. Mr. Rivera, with his extensive background in youth mentorship and boarding project management, brings a deep understanding of children's cognitive development and educational needs.

Mr. Eladio Rivera

He explains, "Equipping our children with future-ready skills is vital in our fast-evolving world. Quadrilla merges play with education, engaging students fully. It teaches logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills – essential for success in STEAM and beyond."

In this course, children work in teams of three, rotating through roles that teach different skills:

  • The Supervisor ensures the design is correct.
  • The note-taker learns the value of accurate notetaking.
  • The Speaker practices public speaking.

This structure teaches STEAM concepts and essential life skills like win-win negotiation, emotional regulation, courage, persuasion, manners, and politeness.

The response to Quadrilla has been phenomenal. Students show immense enthusiasm as they navigate marbles through intricate mazes, their faces alight with excitement. This interactive experience enhances their creativity, problem-solving skills, and a sense of achievement.

After school program in the dorm

Parents have noticed significant benefits, too. One parent remarks, "My daughter is always excited about her Quadrilla classes. She's learning to be patient, focused, and ready to face challenges. It's amazing to see her growth through this course."

By introducing the Quadrilla program, our boarding department is committed to enriching our students' extracurricular time. We're not just nurturing logical and sequential thinking; we're instilling an appreciation for the world's inner workings in them.