06 January, 2023

A Bugz Christmas and A Pirate Christmas: Elementary Winter Concerts

Pirate Christmas

It is through changing times that our Sea Dragons began their Christmas production journey. They learned their songs on and off campus, helped each other remembering their lines and finally rehearsed all together few days before the concert. A Bugz Christmas and A Pirate Christmas involved our students from PreK to Grade 6 from DAIS and DHBS and required collaboration between these different age groups. We witnessed our older students encouraging the younger ones, and our second graders built the props for our upper elementary show!

A Bugz Christmas

It was fantastic seeing our two productions finally come up together and being able to showcase the tremendous talent of our musicians to a welcoming community of educators, parents, and students on January 6th. Well done Sea Dragons and a big thank you to Ms. Lemay!

Click here to see A Bugz Christmas pictures.

Click here to see A Pirate Christmas pictures.