02 March, 2022

DAIS Elementary Students Showcased Their Musical Skills

Kid drummer

The Music Showcase Concert performance was held on Tuesday, March 1st in the MPR, and this was an opportunity for our elementary students to showcase their musical skills to our community.

Participants were selected back in October to perform in the Fall Showcase, but the concert had to be postponed due to the move to distance learning. Now, they finally got their chance to appear on stage in front of a live audience.

DAIS Elementary students proved that they can sing, dance, and play multiple different instruments in a variety of musical styles. Herman from 2nd Grade performed his favorite song “Roses by the fences” on piano, while his classmate Aaron played the violin. Jack and Kyle, both from Grade 3, chose something totally different: drums and electric guitar. Kyle performed a piece of punk music, simple and powerful, full of passion and excitement. Jack, in his turn, played "Caught Up" (a song by Usher) on drums.

We also enjoyed a few beautiful performances by our young ladies: Sissi sang a Chinese song Daylily by Zhang Xiaofei, Annie danced to a folk song "Bamboo Forest in the Rain", and Liuyan chose a piece by Britney Spears to showcase modern dance.

Dorothea, Ashley, Julia and Semra from 5th Grade formed a dance troupe "The Cool Girls". They created a dance inspired by Friends (Marshmello & Anne-Marie). Another band from Grade 5 named Rubber Bands (Leila - vocals and flute, Raydon - vocals and guitar, Catherine - vocals and piano, Louis - drums) sang and played Believer by Imagine Dragons.

All performers out did themselves! It was so much fun watching our talented students share their passions with us. A big thank you to Mr. Reyna for organizing this special event!

Please watch the full concert video here.

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