17 February, 2022

Mars Mission: DAIS Elementary School Science Day

mars lander

In the afternoon of January 17, Dalian American International School kicked off the Science Day in the Elementary division. Teachers offered two engaging activities to our students: Mars Lander Challenge and Time Capsule.

First of all students came together in the Community Time room to celebrate science and say thank you to all participants of the MIT challenge that we hosted a few weeks ago in collaboration with Nord Anglia Education. Congratulations to Musi, Leila, Ashley, Semra, Troy, Tony, Dylan, Mark, Ervin, and Aaryan!

MIT challenge

Then students returned to their classrooms to go on with the Mission to Mars. Mr. Newton prepared special bags for each student with all materials they may need to develop their design (and the most creative boys and girls used these paper bags too!). Kids got video instructions on how to build a Mars lander and how to launch it safely and gently to the designated landing zone - and started working on their projects immediately.

Mars lander

What a challenge! Some of the spacecrafts ended up far beyond Mars and got lost in space, some of them crashed upon landing. But students learned lessons from making mistakes and rebuilt their landers a few times. Finally all rovers landed successfully on the surface of Mars. Mission complete!

Mars lander

We offered one more activity at the end of the event: Time Capsule. What will future generations know about the year 2022 at DAIS? Is there anything we can share with them? Should we describe our events, celebrations, show food that we like or clothes that we wear? Or better talk about important world affairs such as the Olympic games? We let students choose what to put in the time capsule that we're going to bury on campus on April 1st. Please stay tuned as we're getting prepared for this important event!

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