27 December, 2021

Meet the New Head of School: Dr. Richard Swann

Head of School speech

Nord Anglia Education (China) is delighted to welcome Dr. Richard Swann as the DAIS and DHS Head of School from August 2022. 

Dr. Swann holds two Baccalaureate degrees in education and music, a Master’s degree from the University of Western Australia, and earned his PhD in education from Florida State University (USA). He was awarded a Certificate, and Advanced Certificate of International School Leadership, and a Certificate of International School Business with a focus on law, finance, marketing, and admissions. 

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Swann to our community, and we wish him much success in his new role! 

Dr. Swann's Welcome Address

I am excited to be joining the DAIS and DHS community in August 2022 and look forward to sharing, guiding and supporting the ongoing effective strategic planning and development of the school. 

I am working collaboratively with current Head of School, Blair Lee, the current Chair of the Board of DAIS/DHS, Lisa Liang, Nord Anglia Chinese Bilingual Schools CEO and the Nord Anglia Education Regional Office in designing and preparing for a smooth transition process and engagement in taking responsibility for the leadership, organization and management of the DAIS and DHS community.

I am looking forward to exploring the inspirational DAIS and DHS Mission and Vision for teaching and learning with all our community members.

Meet the New Head of School: Dr. Richard Swann - Richard Swann

Following on from the numerous meetings with Blair, Lisa, Stacy, parents, leadership teams, teachers, students and administration staff in September and October, I am especially eager to be involved in the ongoing good work our teachers and administrators share in preparing and engaging the students for their experiences and pathways in the DAIS and DHA programs of learning and their future lifelong journeys and adventures.

The importance of providing relevant, enriched, challenging, innovative and motivational learning opportunities and experiences for all our students in their access to internationalized teaching and learning styles is essential for us developing resourceful, imaginative, creative, collaborative, problem solving internationally minded learners capable of meeting and engaging positively with world challenges that are present both now and in the future.

As an advocate for the social, emotional health and wellbeing of all community members, I believe our children need to explore rich, diverse and deep holistic learning opportunities that develop character, resilience, compassion and integrity based upon sustainable personal and social moral and ethical values.

It is essential for students to also develop skills and attributes for service and leadership and to understand the importance of and take action for positive social responsibility and citizenship.

The role model our parent support groups can play in our community is fundamental in bringing about ongoing support for service and shared understanding for partnership in the realization of the DAIS and DHA Mission and Vision. Having our parents eager to play a positive and active role in building the school community relationships will encourage opportunities to celebrate our successes and plan purposefully for positive school and community development.

Meet the New Head of School: Dr. Richard Swann - Richard Swann

My leadership is focused on collaboratively designing, guiding and developing the alignment of teaching and learning opportunities, experiences and outcomes with international standards and within our host country regulations and requirements. Through effective strategic planning, leadership and guidance, curriculum development, school community growth and strong connectivity, these standards can be targeted, monitored, realized and recognized in our professional education community relationships, collaborations and partnerships.

The opportunity to lead and coordinate multiple international school improvement projects, international school accreditation protocols [including the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), AdvancEd/Cognia, New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), Council of International Schools (CIS), National Centre for Curriculum and Textbook development (NCCT- China)] and multiple international school curriculum program authorizations has provided me with significant insight to the building blocks of effective schools and the intensive design, planning and monitoring necessary to achieve our goals and aspirations.

I have served in educational leadership positions for over 30 years and most recently as Nord Anglia Regional Education Advisor for the Nord Anglia Chinese Bilingual Schools.

As foundation Co-Principal/Head of School at the Nord Anglia Chinese Bilingual School Guangzhou Panyu and also as Co-Principal/Head of School for 5 years at a major international school in Shanghai, I have gained considerable experience and understanding for the China context.

My other school leadership experiences include as a multiple campus director, head of school, principal, whole school curriculum administrator and school improvement coordinator, creative and performing arts specialist and other administrative and education roles. These experiences have provided a broad and intensive understanding of learning communities in schools, colleges and universities in Australia, the USA, Europe, Eastern and South Eastern Asia, and the Middle East.

Meet the New Head of School: Dr. Richard Swann - Richard Swann

In addition, I have enjoyed the experience of many international and national learning programs and standards including USA Curriculum and Advanced Placement (AP), Chinese National Curriculum, International Baccalaureate (DP, MYP, PYP), International Middle and Primary Years Curriculum (iMYC, iPYC), Australian and British National Curriculum [up to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)].

In my other life, I am a musician with a career as an international orchestral and choral conductor. I am a singer, I play a little on the double bass and clarinet, and have enjoyed working with orchestras and choirs across the world. I have been regularly engaged as a conductor, clinician and adjudicator for choral ensembles, festivals and eisteddfods at state, national and international level, including Australasia, South-East Asia, Europe and the USA.

I will have an opportunity to meet face to face with you all in the DAIS/DHA community in spring when I will visit the campus and work with the school community in building for the transition.

Until then, my best wishes to each of you in our ongoing partnership in children’s learning.

Richard Swann (Dr.)
Nord Anglia Chinese Bilingual Schools