16 December, 2021

Parent Academy at Dalian American International School


This year the Dalian American International School is ready to provide even better guidance and support to students and their families than ever. We are happy to present our brand new Parent Academy that DAIS parents can attend every month in person or online.

The first Parent Academy event – the Senior Parent Presentation – was held on September 24 in the new MAC office. Dozens of parents came to attend this meeting, and Mr. Donagher revealed all secrets of a successful college application: timeframes, differences of college requirements, and of course the ways how our school can support Grade 12 students and their families in this process.

Parent Academy at Dalian American International School - Parent Academy at Dalian American International School

On Friday, October 15 we invited families of Grade 9-11 students to attend our next College Readiness Workshop with a Q&A session at the end. DAIS counselors provided information and options for high school students and their parents to successfully research international colleges and universities that match their interests, abilities, and career goals. They also highlighted different university application systems – in USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, and Japan – and spoke of what students need to do in each grade to prepare for applying to selective universities. We’re happy that so many parents could attend this event in the CV lobby.

Parent Academy at Dalian American International School - Parent Academy at Dalian American International School

As per requirement by the Education Bureau and according to the COVID prevention protocols, our Parent Academy on November 5 was changed to online streaming. Mr. Nathan Burton, the Secondary School Principal, shared useful information with parents regarding students’ progress assessment. How can parents use Power School to keep track of student’s learning? What’s SBG (Standard Based Grading) and how to interpret student’s grade book? Mr. Burton answered all these and many more questions during this virtual meeting.

The next virtual Parent Academy session was hosted by Ms. Marta Perez on Wednesday, December 15 from 6pm – 7pm. As the secondary school librarian and technology integration specialist, Ms. Perez discussed with the current DAIS and DHS parents what the library can offer to our families and did a presentation of the resources to support secondary school students.

Click here to see the full video of the Parent Academy: Library Resources event.

More Parent Academy events are coming soon, please check the Events section on our website.