30 May, 2024

Stepping Up: Grade 5 Promotion Celebration

Grade 5 promotion event

Grade 5 students at DAIS are eagerly preparing for their transition to secondary school. On May 20, they had the opportunity to experience a taste of middle school life during a special Transition Day. This exciting event allowed the students to attend various classes, giving them a preview of the subjects and routines they will encounter next year. The students were enthusiastic and engaged, asking many questions to better understand what awaits them in their academic journey ahead. The exposure to different teachers and classrooms helped ease their anxieties and build their confidence about moving up to middle school.

Elementary students visiting the secondary school

In addition to their academic experiences, the students enjoyed lunch at the Hungry Scholar café, where they had a chance to socialize and bond with their future classmates. This break from the day's activities provided a relaxed environment for them to discuss their thoughts and feelings about the upcoming transition. After lunch, the students participated in a fun and interactive Scavenger Hunt designed to help them explore the campus further. This activity not only familiarized them with the new surroundings but also fostered teamwork and problem-solving skills. 

Graduation signature board

On May 30, we attended the Grade 5 Promotion Ceremony in the Dragon's Den, where fifth graders celebrated their achievements and looked forward to the exciting journey ahead as they move up to middle school. The ceremony was filled with pride and joy as students reflected on their hard work and growth over the past year. Families, teachers, and friends gathered to support and congratulate the students on reaching this important milestone. As they prepare to embark on their middle school adventure, we extend our best wishes for their continued success and happiness in the coming year.