27 June, 2022

Grade 5 Students Promoted to Middle School

Grade 5 students with certificates

DAIS-E Grade 5 students have successfully graduated from the Elementary School and celebrated their promotion to the Middle School together with their families, teachers, and friends.

Transition from Elementary to Middle School can be overwhelming. New educational systems, new teachers, new rules and expectations, and even a new building on our campus. To prepare students and parents for the promotion, our school organized a series of events. On May 3rd, DAIS Elementary Principal Mr. Peter Row and Secondary Principal Mr. Nathan Burton invited Grade 5 parents to a meeting and explained them how to prepare for this transition and how to best support their kids during this important time. We had great parent attendance both in person and online.

Grade 5 Students Promoted to Middle School - Grade 5 Promotion

On Wednesday, May 25th our fifth graders had an opportunity to visit Middle School during their Sixth Grade Transition Day. After a lunch served at the Hungry Scholar Cafe, kids participated in Scavenger Hunt to get to know the secondary buildings better, and then joined sixth graders during English Language Arts, Social Studies, Music, Drama, Design, and MUN classes. Teachers got them engaged in class activities and showed what studying in Secondary School looks like. This was an important step for our 5th graders as they were preparing for promotion to Middle School.

Grade 5 Students Promoted to Middle School - Grade 5 Promotion

On May 31, Grade 5 students said their last goodbye to Elementary School during a beautiful ceremony followed by a video recap of their childhood (a pleasant surprise prepared by the faculty), parents' congratulations, gifts, refreshments, and final pictures with friends. That was a truly memorable day for everyone!

We hope that Secondary School life will bring these students joy of learning, new friends, and valuable experience. They are now one step closer to adulthood!

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