10 May, 2022

Announcement: Summer Camp 2022 at DAIS

Announcement: Summer Camp 2022 at DAIS-Summer Camp-summer

This summer, join the Sea Dragon Summer Camp held in the world class facilities of Dalian American International School. The English language immersion summer camp aims toward student aged 4 to 12. Students will participate in fun and hands-on learning across the visual arts, performing arts, and sports. Children will develop their intellect, character, and health through collaborating with other students from diverse backgrounds.

Announcement: Summer Camp 2022 at DAIS-Summer CampWeek 1 : July 18th - 22nd 2022

Week 2 : July 25th - 29th 2022

Mon-Fri 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Student age : 4-12

(Students aged 9+ can choose the boarding option)

Location : DAIS

*Summer camp lasts for two weeks, parents can choose to sign up for either 1 week or 2 weeks

Click the links below to sign up:

Under the guidance of experienced DAIS Elementary School Art teacher, Mr. Martin Moratillo, students will develop their understanding, skills and abilities in art. Ms. Zulu will lead the Children's Theater activity with students engaging in movement and dance while fostering their presentation and performance skills. Students will experience a variety of indoor and outdoor sports and work as part of a team during the sports component of the Summer Camp that is facilitated by Mr. Stephen Cairns.

Average class size will be 15 students, each class will be equipped with an international teacher, and at least two bilingual DHS/DAIS students will serve as Camp Counselors. Community and culture building will take place during activities as well as during recess and lunch break. Boarding students will additionally benefit from the comfortable and safe boarding facilities located on campus.

Announcement: Summer Camp 2022 at DAIS-Summer Camp

2022 summer camp is open for registration on May 10th, pay before May 31st for Early Bird discount. Spaces are limited!

Price includes all teaching materials, accommodation, activities, certification, basic travel insurance and 24-hour medical service. Day program includes lunch. The boarding program includes 4 meals, boarding, bedding, and evening activities supervised by boarding teachers.

Mr. Kiko Balsells as the camp coordinator will be in charge of the camp preparation and coordination. All classes will take off-site field trips to Blueberry Farm or Golden Pebble Beach each week.

We hope to see you on DAIS campus this summer!