18 March, 2022

Reading Is My Superpower: Book Week at DAIS

Reading Is My Superpower: Book Week at DAIS-Book Week-Boy reading a book cover

Our annual DAIS Book Week was held on the second week of March (7th-11th). This was a special week to celebrate books and the love of reading. The library team has organized many activities on this year’s theme: “Reading is my superpower”.

Book Fair

Blue Fountain, a book vendor in Shanghai, hosted a Book Fair during the week. They presented a wide variety of picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, and activity kits in the Elementary School Community room. Our Elementary and Middle School kids really enjoyed this opportunity and purchased many books to read at home.

Reading Is My Superpower: Book Week at DAIS-Book Week

Book Raffle

There were more ways for our students to restock their personal book collections. One of them was the Book Raffle.

DAIS Elementary library raffled 16 books. Congratulations to the winners: Aaron, Serena, and Zofia (PreK); Cynthia and Simon (K); Judy and Mina (G1); Bella, Marie, Tosia, and William (G2); Julian, Ryan, and Sissi (G3); Atticus and Tina (G4).

In the Secondary School, teachers gave raffle tickets if they saw the students reading (Get Caught Reading Book Raffle). Students who brought the tickets to the library had a chance to win a book. Congratulations to Olivia (Grade 9), Gary and Stephanie (Grade 10), and Catherine and Ellen (Grade 11).

Bookmark Contest

Students were able to design a bookmark and participate in a contest. Winners were selected from four age groups: 4-7, 8-10, 11-14, and 16-18. Congratulations! These bookmarks will be sent to the press and used in our libraries.

Reading Is My Superpower: Book Week at DAIS-Book Week

Door Decoration Contest

Homeroom classes in DAIS-E and advisories in DAIS-S were able to decorate their doors with this year’s theme. Congratulations to Ms. Faires’s Grade 4 class (in the right picture below) that won the contest this year! Honorable mention also went to kindergarten.

Other Elementary Activities

I Love Books Estimation

There were 508 candy hearts in the jar. Nobody guessed 508, but we have two grade 5 students who estimated the closest: Aaryan and Alex both guessed 500 candy hearts. Good job!

Number of Books in our ES Library Estimation

This year, we have a total of 13,012 books in the ES library. The closest estimate was 12,117. Congratulations to fourth grader, Atticus.

Dress Up Days

DAIS Elementary students really enjoyed dress up days during Book Week:

  • Monday: Reading gives you superpowers. Dress as your favorite superhero.
  • Tuesday: Show off the characters you love. Dress as your favorite book character today.
  • Wednesday: Get cozy with books. Dress in your pajamas.
  • Thursday: Wear words on your clothes. Dress in an outfit that has writing on it.

Reading Is My Superpower: Book Week at DAIS-Book Week

Other Secondary Activities

Guess the reader competition

Students were asked to guess what their teachers are reading. The winner, Jacob from the 11th Grade, will get a book.

Book Swap

During all week, students and teachers were able to interchange any books that they own for others. The book swap table was located in front of the Secondary Library.

Dress Up Day

Students and teachers had the opportunity to dress as their favorite characters or superheroes on Wednesday, March 9.

Reading Is My Superpower: Book Week at DAIS-Book Week

It was a very successful Book Week 2022. Congratulations to our librarians Mrs. Perez, Mrs. Rohrbeck and Ms. Wang for organizing engaging and literary activities!

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