07 March, 2022

DAISMUN XII: Let the World Hear Your Voice

MUN opening speech

The Dalian American International School Model United Nation 12th Annual Conference was successfully held on Friday and Saturday, March 4th and 5th. The theme of this year’s conference was “The Recovery of Humanity.” A total of over 150 students from both the Dalian American International School and Maple Leaf Foreign National School participated in the conference. There were six committees organized, General Assembly I, General Assembly II, UNCSW, Environmental Commission, Israel-Palestine Talk (historical Security Council), and Security Council. Even though only two schools participated, the students' enthusiasm was vivid and noticeable.

DAISMUN XII: Let the World Hear Your Voice - DAISMUN XII

Opening Ceremony

For the opening ceremony, we were honored to invite Annie Ren, a former DAIS graduate student who is currently an UC Berkeley senior student and the current Secretary General of Berkeley MUN (BMUN).

In the video, she explained her current status at Berkeley and shared her valuable experience as the Secretary General of BMUN. Annie detailed the impact of MUN on her in high school and university life, as well as some of her own experience and advice to students preparing to apply to overseas universities next year.

Jasmine Zhao, the Secretary General of DAISMUN, in her opening speech used the example of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to show students the importance of international cultural and policy exchanges and environments. "When the chair calls the house to order, you are no longer a typical high school student but rather a representative of a country and of its citizens," she said.

DAISMUN XII: Let the World Hear Your Voice - DAISMUN XII


Students were actively involved in the discussions within the six committees. Discussion topics included educational guarantees to protect poor children, fairness to protect women's leadership roles in society, global water scarcity, Sudan's security, and other real world global issues that the world is/was forced to address. Several drafts were adopted after weeks of preparation and on-site discussion.

DAISMUN XII: Let the World Hear Your Voice - DAISMUN XII

Closing Ceremony

At the closing ceremony, Rita Yao, the deputy Secretary General of DAISMUN, on behalf of all the students of the Secretariat, acknowledged the efforts of the conference chairs and representatives. The chairs made a final summary of the two-day session and announced the "Outstanding Delegates Award" nominees of each committee:

General Assembly I

  • Rebecca Yu - Mexico
  • JinGang Lin - Israel

General Assembly II

  • Zuri Qu - DPRK (MLNS)
  • Julius Chen - UK (MLNS)

Security Council

  • Charmain Xu - China
  • Russel Chan - Russia


  • Rachel Wang - Belgium
  • Chelsey Ding - Iran

Environmental Commission

  • Tony Li - New Zealand
  • Meiiga Gao - Greece

Israel-Palestine Talk

  • Brian Kim - Brazil
  • Angela Zhen Ruotong - France

A big thank you to all DAISMUN XII participants, to the Secretariat Team, and to Mr. Mcloughlin and Ms. Liu for their supervision and support.

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Text: Judy Zhou

Pictures: Rita Yao, Judy Zhou, Zieg Liu

Editor: Svetlana Ulyakhina