17 May, 2024

Wilderness, Survival and Teamwork Outdoor Camp

Wilderness camp and rope park

On May 13-17, DAIS and DHS Grade 5 and 6 students embarked on a transformative field trip designed to ease their transition into middle school: Wilderness, Survival and Teamwork outdoor camp.

From teambuilding activities to real-world challenges, this trip fostered camaraderie, resilience and a sense of belonging that will ensure every student is ready to thrive when they reach middle school.

The students enjoyed rare chances to immerse in the outdoor environment, developing their survival skills through a project called “aboriginal village building.” Kids were challenged to use their imagination, creativity and problem solving ability in order to design the village, equipped with water they purify. They mastered navigation skills and learn the necessary steps to survive in an emergency situation (SOS signals and first aid). Students also participated in group activities, in which they learned the essential components of teamwork.

This immersive experience empowered students with the skills and confidence needed for the next chapter of their academic journey .