18 December, 2023

Snow Show by DAIS Elementary

Elementary winter concert

On December 14, we enjoyed the Snow Show by DAIS Elementary students - 40 minutes of pure entertainment where everything was about powdery snow and winter weather.

The show started with our little pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten kids appearing on stage as "Little Snowflakes". Those were only the first cute signs of a major snowstorm hitting Jinshitan! Our weather forecast team from Grade 5 called for the Grade 1-3 students who presented the "Cold Snap", bringing buckets and buckets of fluffy white precipitation. As snow got bigger and bigger, Grade 3 children were singing "We’re Flakes":

Students as snowflakes

Suddenly, a snowplow came to the stage, splattering mud on white snowflakes' dresses and bringing us lots of "S-N-I-R-T":

Students as snirt

Right after, we were pleased to welcome a team of terrific scientists who snow-it-all! They explained snow formation to us and introduced the next item of the program - "It comes out snow!" by Grade 5, followed by ice fishermen and fisherwomen from Grade 4 wondering "What Are We Doing Here?":

Ice fishermen

It was getting freezing cold by that moment in the gym - but DAIS students proved that we all love the snow and sang "Don't Let the Show Stop":

A girl wearing a scarf

It was a magical show!