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News image Bella Wei, DHS Class of 2024 News | Alumni
Outstanding DAIS/DHS Graduates: Meet Bella Wei, Class of 2024
Bella is interested in music and all aspects of science, she is ready to pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering.
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News image DAIS Class of 2024 News | High school
College Matriculations for the DAIS/DHS Class of 2024
The DAIS/DHS Class of 2024 has successfully secured their university placements.
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News image World Scholar's Cup News | Whole school
Congratulations! Student Awards Announced
Every year, we recognize the most aspiring, dedicated and talented students in DAIS community.
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News image Teenagers running on track on school campus Blog | Middle school | High school
How Puberty Contributes to Parent-Teen Communication Barriers
Let's discuss how physical and psychological changes during puberty lead to communication barriers between teenagers and their parents.
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News image Soccer player Blog | Alumni
Outstanding DAIS/DHS Graduates: Meet Leon Li
Leon is known among friends for his friendly personality and passion for soccer.
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News image Sports games on the field News | Whole school
School Year Wrap-Up: Field Day Thrills and Discovery Land Adventure

Both events provided our students with unforgettable experiences, fostering an atmosphere of excellence and joy.

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News image Grade promotion ceremony News | Middle school
Grade 8 Promotion Ceremony
On Wednesday, June 5, we celebrated our inaugural Grade 8 Promotion Ceremony.
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News image Piano performance News | Kindergarten | Elementary
Young Stars Shine: Highlights from the Elementary Talent Show
The DAIS elementary talent show was a delightful event, highlighting the diverse talents of our young students.
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News image DAIS Class of 2024 News | High school
Goodbye, Class of 2024! High School Graduation
On June 2, Dalian American International School Class of 2024 students received their high school diplomas.
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News image Grade 5 promotion event News | Elementary
Stepping Up: Grade 5 Promotion Celebration
Grade 5 students at DAIS are ready for their transition to secondary school.
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News image Samuel Liu, DAIS Class of 2024 Blog | Alumni
Outstanding DAIS Seniors: Meet Samuel Liu
One of the most famous students from DAIS Class of 2024, Sam is here to give young aspiring Sea Dragons some advice.
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News image Class of 2020 graduation News | Alumni
Alumnae Success Stories: Harvard, Columbia, and Beyond
Outstanding former DAIS/DHS female students have been admitted to top-notch universities for their graduate studies.
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News image Wilderness camp and rope park News | Elementary | Middle school
Wilderness, Survival and Teamwork Outdoor Camp
Grade 5 and 6 students embarked on a transformative field trip designed to ease their transition into middle school.
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News image Parent-child communication workshop Blog | Middle school | High school
Family Bridges: A Program Dedicated to Provide New Insights into Parent-Children Communications
This program led by high school students aims to minimize communication barriers between parents and teenagers.
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News image International Day at school News | Whole school
Iconic Tradition: International Diversity Day Celebration
We welcome and appreciate the cultural diversity that each of us brings to our school community!
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News image Swimming pool in Shanghai News | Middle school | High school
DAIS Sea Dragon Swimming Team Rocks!
Our fabulous swimming team participated in large-scale athletic events in and outside Dalian and got a bunch of medals.
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News image Cross Country 100km challenge News | Middle school | High school
DAIS/Huamei 100km Relay Challenge Successfully Completed
Members of our Cross Country team completed the 100km relay race with a total time of 9:53:15.
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News image School band ond orchestra News | Middle school | High school
Night at the Movies: Spring Instrumental Concert
On April 25, the DAIS/DHS Bands and Orchestras transported the audience into a realm of cinematic wonder.
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News image Middle school choir on stage News | Middle school | High school
Echoes of Diversity: Spring Choral Concert
On April 24, we had a chance to step into a world of harmonious diversity at the DAIS/DHS 2024 Choral Spring Concert.
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