06 June, 2024

School Year Wrap-Up: Field Day Thrills and Discovery Land Adventure

Sports games on the field

Two events on June 6 marked the end of the school year at Dalian American International school and allowed kids to have fun with classmates and teachers one last time before the summer break.

Field Day

Field Day for Grade 1 - Grade 5 students in DAIS Elementary, DHS Elementary  & DHS Heritage was a tremendous success, filled with laughter, teamwork, and a vibrant spirit of competition. Students have been divided into eight different colors and played eight games: Kick Ball, Capture the Flag, Sink the Ship, Cannon Ball, Three Legs Race, Scooter Ball, Track Relay, and Soccer Game.

At the end of the day, the best teams received medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, as well as Sportsmanship and for Team spirit.

What is Team Spirit? Students who show resilience and are supportive of their teammates. They also demonstrate great collaboration skills.

What is Sportsmanship? The team demonstrates fairness, respect, and generosity toward the opposing team or player and for the sport itself when competing.

The meticulous planning and dedication of the organizing team ensured that every activity ran smoothly, and that students, staff, and parents alike had a wonderful time. The creativity and effort put into designing the sports events truly showcased the passion and commitment of our team to foster a sense of community and joy within our school. Every teacher gave 100% and showed Sea Dragon pride!

Sink the Ship game

Discovery Land

On the same day, the trip to Discovery Land adventure park for Secondary students was equally outstanding. Our students returned with bright smiles and a wealth of new "knowledge" and experiences, thanks to the thoughtful preparation and enthusiasm of the organizers. Such excursions enrich our students' learning and create lasting memories they will cherish for years to come.

Both events were remarkable and exceptionally well planned, providing our students with unforgettable experiences. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone involved in the planning and execution of these activities. It is because of efforts like these that our school continues to be a place of excellence and joy.