29 April, 2024

DAIS/Huamei 100km Relay Challenge Successfully Completed

Cross Country 100km challenge

During the spring break, 7 members of our Cross Country team completed the 100-kilometer relay race with a total time of 9 hours, 53 minutes and 15 seconds!

Last year, the DAIS/Huamei Cross Country team achieved a commendable third place in the ACAMIS competition. During the off-season, team members persisted in training and focused on improving their individual skills and team competencies. The overall ability of the team has significantly improved!

This 100-kilometer challenge served to assess the outcomes of the team members' winter training efforts. Through everyone's wholehearted efforts and careful planning, the event was completed with success.

Running app screenshot

During this challenge, the members of the school team perfectly implemented the spirit of "perseverance and never giving up", while facing numerous physical and environmental challenges, and turned all difficulties into the driving force for motivation and determination.

Michael Ma, DAIS/DHS Grade 10: "As the organizer of this event, I am honored to have found so many like-minded friends to support me. Throughout the coordination process, we worked together to solve many problems. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to parents, peers, and teachers for their help in this endeavor. By planning the entire event, I learned new ways of effective communication, time management, and overcoming difficulties, and it was a valuable experience. This was a great process of self-discovery, with everyone doing their best and working together. Seeing everyone benefit from the run and enjoy the whole challenge fills me with joy. I hope that my teammates and I will continue to progress on this journey, and I wish Cross Country team another outstanding achievement next year."

Michael Ma

Michael Qi, DAIS/DHS Grade 10: "In this relay, I completed a ten-kilometer leg. When I faced confusion and self-doubt after failing in the selection for other school varsity teams, it was Cross Country that accepted me, allowing me to find a sport I love. The moment I crossed the finish line, I felt an immense sense of pride - I had accomplished a great challenge, not just for the school team, but also for myself. The physical barriers were overcome by my determination, and my contribution was etched onto the canvas of victory."

Cross country team

"Rising to wander amidst the universe, veiling to surf beneath the waves, riding the tide of change, achieving success and navigating the four seas, like true heroes," this can be an accurate portrayal of all Sea Dragons, whether they compete on the field, over natural terrain, or on the court. They remain unperturbed in victory or defeat, overcoming obstacles and difficulties with sweat and perseverance, forging ahead on the path to glory.

Go Sea Dragons!

Text, pictures: Michael Ma, Michael Qi