14 March, 2024

3.14 Celebrating Pi(e) Day: A Fun-Filled Mathematical Event

Rubic Cube competition

On March 14, Dalian American International School launched Pi Day full of excitement. Pi Day is dedicated to honoring the mathematical constant π (pi). The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as four teams, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow, competed in a series of thrilling games and activities.

There were 4 different games. In Jeopardy, students showcased their mathematical skills by solving a variety of challenging math questions. Each correct answer earned the team a certain amount of points.

Math Jeopardy

In the Scavenger Hunt game, a brain-teasing challenge that put students’ problem-solving skills to the test, teams raced against the clock to decipher clues and unlock the next set of questions. Students worked together, pooling their knowledge and creativity to unravel each puzzle.

Scavenger Hunt

During Rubik's Cube Relay, teams engaged in a fast-paced race to solve five Rubik's cubes. It was a test of both speed and skill, with each team pushing themselves to the limit in pursuit of victory.

Finally, the Logic Relay game added tensions to the competition as teams tackled a series of mind-bending puzzles. Students put their critical thinking skills to the test, racing against time to unravel the puzzles placed before them.

Logic games

In the end, it was the Red Team who earned the most points among other teams, their unwavering teamwork contributed them to the first place. The Yellow Team secured a well-deserved second place, followed closely by the Green Team in third.

But the excitement didn’t end there! As a special reward for their hard work and dedication, students with the most points earned the honor of throwing pies at their teachers, a messy but joyous tradition that brought laughter to the celebration.

Pie throwing at school principal

Pi day was filled with laughter, learning, and a whole a lot of π. Let’s continue to embrace the spirit of Pi Day, not just on March 14, but every day, as we explore, learn, and grow together, united by our love for math and the thrill of discovery.

By Jinseo Kim
DAIS Grade 12