01 November, 2023

Build Better Plants: MIT Challenge

Girl creating an automated pollinator

Our Second and Fourth graders have taken on the 1st MIT Challenge of the year: Build Better Plants. This year's MIT Challenges revolve around building a better world. Students will be challenged to innovate in different areas of science, this first challenge relates to Biology and Seeds. Students have been challenged by Dr. Mary Gehring, MIT Professor of Biology, to design a plant that can survive and thrive in the face of climate change or other environmental challenges.

Build Better Plants poster

Our Second Graders have taken on the environmental challenge of a reduction in pollinators by creating simple machines (automata) that utilize mechanical elements to produce movement to allow a mock bee to pollinate plants! This is a great example of automation.

3D model of a plant

Grade 4 students have taken on an array of climate challenges including flooding and drought. Students are honing their skills in 3D design to build prototypes of plants in Tinkercad.

Final projects will be due to the MIT Team on November 3, so we are a busy bunch this semester!