14 April, 2023

Third Grade Community Time

Community time

DAIS Elementary students started to celebrate the Earth Week a little bit in advance this year, with Grade 3 having hosted a Community Time on Friday, April 14.

Why should we keep the planet clean? What can we do to protect the Earth? These and many other questions were answered during the event. Students also talked about food waste, repurpose, and the history of the modern environmental movement.

Field trip

Meanwhile, on April 12 our Environmental Science students went on an educational trip to Dalian Andmir Equipment Co. This was an important experience for our high school students as we approach the Earth Week (April 17-22).

Dalian Andmir is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of environmental protection equipment in China. Our secondary students learned a lot about ADAF (advanced dissolved air flotation) units, spectrum serial filters, shale gas sewage treatment technology, and oily sludge and contaminated soil thermal desorption systems.