25 November, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving decorations

November 24, 2022 is the American Thanksgiving Day. Dalian American International School would like to say Thank You to all teachers, students and parents for being such a great community!

Thanksgiving Design Challenge

During the day, DAIS Elementary School students engaged in a Thanksgiving Design challenge inspired by the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Each year all over the United States communities celebrate Thanksgiving and welcome in the holiday season by creating floats to be shown in parades. The most famous holiday parade in the US is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York city. Designers for the parade work year-round creating giant balloon floats to debut at the parade, needless to say, it has drawn large crowds and is one of the most live streamed events online. Our students have been learning how the parade started and the challenges organizers faced in the book Balloons Over Broadway.

Thanksgiving design challenge

At DAIS, all students have been given the challenge of creating their own balloon floats. They had the added challenge of keeping the balloons up with no helium.

Thanksgiving Luncheon

Breaking bread and fellowship are the best Thanksgiving gifts. On November 24, DAIS Middle School students met in the MPR for an amazing Thanksgiving luncheon served by our parent community. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

No Backpack Day

High School Student Government organized a “No Backpack Day” to raise spirit among the students. No Backpack Day was established to raise awareness of children around the world who can’t afford a school bag. On Thursday, November 24 students were encouraged to be creative and choose to bring anything but a backpack to school. They brought suitcases, a piano chair, an apple box, a trash can, and even a gigantic inflatable unicorn in replacement of a backpack!

No Backpack Day

That initiative brought a lot of laugh to the campus - but also reminded us of unprivileged members of our society.