16 September, 2022

Excellent Distance Education: Honoring DAIS Teachers

Online lesson

When we need to switch to distance learning in response to government regulations, our faculty continues to provide high quality education. Full use of modern technology and excellent resources, balanced screen time, monitoring of kids’ engagement and behavior, and of course our famous Toolkits in DAIS Elementary - – all this ensures our students enjoy uninterrupted learning, practice the most relevant skills and stay connected to the school while studying at home.

DAIS-E offers Toolkits to support and enhance distance learning away from the screen. In the toolkits families will find library books, printed assignments, notebooks, necessary stationery, materials for experiments, art supplies and many more.

Excellent Distance Education: Honoring DAIS Teachers - Distance Learning

Physical activity, especially for younger learners, is an integral part of the school day. Online Physical Education classes are a good way to develop essential skills and support wellbeing of students, and they can be fun too! We are excited to share amazing examples of distance learning in DAIS Elementary or online Fitness class in Secondary school.

At any time during the lesson, teachers are supporting students through small group conferring and individually. When students are learning from home, teachers closely monitor their physical, social, and emotional needs. Continuing to develop essential skills, they grow their curiosity through guided learning and engaging, interactive experiences. Parents receive regular updates from teachers on their child’s progress, achievements, and wellbeing.