25 May, 2022

DAIS-S Student Leaders and Awards Announced

Principal giving a certificate to a student

Every year in May, we come together to recognize the most aspiring, dedicated and talented students in DAIS and DHS community. We are absolutely proud to announce the student leader positions for the upcoming 2022-23 school year, and to name the students who demonstrated outstanding effort and excellence during the past year. Our warmest congratulations to all students who go above and beyond in representing our school!

Secondary Awards

On May 23, all DAIS and DHS high school students joined an assembly to celebrate the outstanding performance of their peers. We had more than 200 nominees and 105 winners in Music, Science, Mathematics, Mandarin, Social Studies, English, Health Education, Physical Education, Speech, Film Studies, Art, Drama, EAL, and Athletics this year. Mr. Burton, the Secondary Principal, and our wonderful teachers were more than happy to announce each name during the formal ceremony.

Six students were nominated to the Character Pillar Award: Miyu for Caring, Kai for Respect, Amy for Trustworthiness, Sophia for Citizenship, Joni for Responsibility, and Milinka for Fairness. Thank you for modeling good character!

DAIS-S Student Leaders and Awards Announced - Student Leaders and Awards

At the end of the ceremony, we announced the winners of the most prestigious EARCOS Global Citizen Award and Huamei Leadership Award. They are given to students who show exemplifying leadership, character, and contributions to the school and broader community. Congratulations to Raymond and Peter!

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Student Government

Student Government plays a key role in our student community life. Its officers and members learn the importance of leadership, teamwork, service, and attention to detail as they work together to provide different events for their fellow classmates and teachers. Voting for StuGov officers takes place every year in May after the exciting process of running election campaigns and presenting speeches.

President: Tommy Cho  President: Peter Zhang 
Vice President: Raymond Bian  Vice President: Tina Huo 
Treasurer: Samuel Liu  Treasurer: English Gao 
Secretary: Myungha Kim  Secretary: Amy Fu 


DAIS-S Student Leaders and Awards Announced - Student Leaders and Awards

Congratulations to the DAIS and DHS StuGov 2022-23 Leaders!

The DAIS Applied Studies: Student Government class organizes events throughout the year such as Sports Day, Halloween, Winter Dance, Talent Show, Prom and many more.

MUN Leadership Team

A few members of the former MUN leadership team (Jasmine, Rita, and Judy) have received offers from prestigious colleges and universities around the world and will leave DAIS soon to continue their education. As this school's year MUN journey draws to a close, the members of the next year's leadership team have been chosen:

  • Charmain Xu - Secretary General
  • Ein Sel - Deputy Secretary General
  • Eileen Wu - Executive Administrative Officer
  • Rebecca Yu - Press & Publications Officer
  • Rebecca Lyu - Conference Service Officer


National Honor Society

Members of the DAIS Golden Pebble Beach Chapter of the National Honor Society provide leadership in such school activities as the Haunted House, candy cane grams for the winter holiday, roses for Valentine's Day and many other activities, which affects the culture of our school in a positive way. These students are recognized for their hard work in the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

DAIS-S Student Leaders and Awards Announced - Student Leaders and Awards

On May 24, we inducted a wonderful group of eighteen students to join the National Honor Society.

Congratulations to all our brilliant students! We hope to have a successful school year 2022-2023 with you.