19 April, 2022

Outstanding DAIS Seniors: Interview with Judy Zhou

DAIS prom
Judy Zhou, DAIS/DHS Class of 2022
  • Joined DAIS/DHS in 9th grade
  • Founder of DAISMUN WeChat account
  • DAISMUN key member, Press and Publication Officer, responsible for all designs and communication for DAISMUN 2021 Fall, DAISMUN 2022 Fall, DAISMUN XI and DAISMUN XII conferences
  • Founding member of DAIS/DHS broadcasting station, responsible for communicating with faculty and student body on school related news and broadcasting, established interviews and training for students
  • Member of the school choir and a solo singer during school concerts
  • College admissions:
    • Syracuse University
    • The Pennsylvania State University
    • American University
    • University of California, Riverside

Judy began her journey at Dalian American International School/Dalian Huamei School in the ninth grade. At DAIS, she learned for the first time that there can be so many student organizations, ASAs and different courses at school for her to discover her career interests. During her four years at DAIS, Judy participated in several student organizations and developed many interests.


In the 10th grade, Judy joined the DAISMUN. During MUN classes and conferences, teachers encouraged Judy to express herself, which also gave Judy great confidence. "At MUN, we are discussing unsolved real-world issues. We have to write amendments and deliver speeches ourselves. By doing so, MUN offers me a platform to express myself," said Judy.

After a few conferences, Judy realized that she has more knowledge and experience to push herself to the next level. She is experienced in digital media and graphic design, so she applied her skills into her new role as the Press and Publication Officer. "By serving as the Officer, I can share my experience with new members, I am very confident to be qualified for this position." At the time of her taking over this role, the MUN website was still blank. Under Judy's management, the website was successfully set up and updated.

"I feel I was lucky to have Judy in our MUN program because she exhibits all the character traits I admire in person. Judy is responsible, inclusive, and courageous. Judy started her MUN experience by demonstrating responsibility by often asking questions with the intent to understand the debate process and terminology. It's refreshing to teach a student like Judy who wants to learn new things and challenge her areas for growth. Judy was quiet and shy during her first debates and now she is a role model for others. It was amazing to watch her grow through the years and become more confident in public speaking. Our MUN program has grown in numbers and popularity over the years because of the hard work and courage of students like Judy Zhou".

Mr. Bryan Mcloughlin
DAISMUN teacher

Broadcasting Station

With her cheerful personality, Judy had the idea of majoring in media and communication studies early in mind. In the 11th grade, at the invitation of her classmate Peter Zhang, she co-founded the DAIS/DHS broadcast station. In the earlier phase, they had to overcome some difficulties. Broadcasting across the school had many restrictions. For example, the program must not disturb teachers in class, and it needs to be broadcast when students are free. "These difficulties conflicted greatly with our original intention of establishing the broadcast station," Judy described the situation at that time.

Fortunately, she has strong problem-solving skills. Through persistent communication with teachers from various departments and search for alternative solutions, the broadcast station programs have been transformed into video mode for weekly broadcasts during advisory. This experience became a huge bonus for Judy's leadership and organizational skills.

"Fortunately, she has strong problem-solving skills. Through persistent communication with teachers from various departments and search for alternative solutions, the broadcast station programs have been transformed into video mode for weekly broadcasts during advisory. This experience became a huge bonus for Judy's leadership and organizational skills".

Peter Zhang
Broadcasting station co-founder

Academic Success

During her leisure time, Judy enjoys theater performances, playing the piano and singing. At the end of 2021, Judy received a college admission offer from Syracuse University, which has one of the best communication programs in the United States and is also Judy's dream school. When asked how she balances studying with her student leadership duties, Judy describes herself as a "multi-core processor". "I'm good at time management, which means I can handle a lot of things at the same time. I like to prioritize my tasks, make plans, and finish the right thing at the right time," Judy said.

She encountered and successfully resolved troubles in her studies too. For example, she faced the pressure of her schoolwork, especially in AP courses, "My previous study method is not applicable to the AP courses, so the most important thing is to find suitable study methods for different courses". DAIS focuses on fostering students' independent learning ability and guides each student to gradually develop their own study habits, so that they can become more independent when studying abroad in the future.

Judy's DAIS experience transformed her in many ways. After transferring to DAIS from a public school, Judy realized that our school offers significantly more opportunities and a broader platform. Studying at DAIS shaped her way of thinking. The teachers here encourage students to solve problems from multiple dimensions. Judy learned to look at things from different angles and make more comprehensive considerations. The opportunities and platforms here at DAIS provide students with more flexibility to explore their own hobbies and career interests. The teachers here are not only experts in their own field, but also are great listeners and friends who pay attention to the students' ideas and make pertinent suggestions.

"International schools are more about providing a platform for students to express their own ideas and exploring their capabilities." Judy has accumulated a lot of valuable experience at DAIS and is very keen to share it with the underclassmen so they can be inspired.

Judy's first major conference was at CISSMUN, and I remember she worked so hard to write out her amendment and approach the podium to give her speech. From seeing her courage, I would say Judy displays the character traits of a student who perseveres under challenges and from that experience she continued to excel in MUN by applying to be a chair and finally a member of the MUN leadership team. She has been generous with her time and dedicated to the true spirit of MUN which is working to solve real world issues. She has served our school as an example to new MUNers by giving her technical expertise to the MUN WeChat platform and by her many hours behind the scenes with the leadership team members to create two MUN conferences this past school year. Good luck Judy and all the best in your future endeavors!

Ms. Rowena Liu
DAISMUN teacher

We would like to congratulate Judy again for securing her dream school offer, and we wish Judy a successful academic career and a bright future.