05 September, 2022

Grade 5 Student Gets First Prize in Robotics

Robotics competition winner

We are proud to share that Albert, DAIS Grade 5 student, successfully participated in the 2022-2023 Youth Science and Technology Innovation Elites Challenge hosted by Science and Education Center of Liaoning Artificial Intelligence Society.


Albert has been studying robotics for more than three years. He got into engineering, robotization and programming after visiting his father's factory and learning how many hard and dangerous operations industry workers have to perform. The idea of helping them brought Albert to the coding after-school class with Mr. Gao and Mr. Wu. In the future, Albert hopes to open his own robot factory, develop more smart devices, and modernize and robotize his father's factory. He believes that the most hazardous jobs should be performed by robots and not human beings.

This August, Albert was awarded the first prize in robot combat. Congratulations to our student and his droid named Battleaxe!