26 May, 2022

DAIS Secondary School Speech Contest

Speech contest winners

On May 24th, Dalian American International School organized the long-awaited Speech Contest 2022. A great mix of students from grades 8-11 presented their Oratory and Impromptu speeches on hot topics chosen by our teachers and judges - Mr. Joel Sparks, Mr. Craig Healy, and Mrs. Rachel Armstrong.

We at DAIS consider public speech as one of the core competences that students should develop during school time, and we're proud of all our smart, brave and well-rounded boys and girls that participated in this event - some for the first time and some, like Peter Zhang, up to their 4th competition!

For the Oratory speech, students were able to prepare for one of the following topics in advance:

  • Should we prioritize individual rights over group rights?
  • Does social media benefit our society?
  • Can online learning replace in-person school?
  • Do the benefits of cellphone use in school outweigh the negatives?

All speeches were distinct and full of vigor, and it was obvious that these topics touch to the quick.

DAIS Secondary School Speech Contest - Speech Contest

Impromptu speeches followed a short break and were even more of interest as students had very limited time to get prepared and didn't know the topics in advance.

Congratulations to the winners of the DAIS Speech Contest 2022!

 Oratory Speech   Impromptu Speech 
 1st Place: Natalie He   1st Place: Suah Lee 
 2nd Place: Ilia Wang   2nd Place: Peter Zhang 
 Audience Choice: Rebecca Yu   Audience Choice: Rebecca Lyu