29 July, 2022

Active Summer with Dalian American International School

Active Summer with Dalian American International School-Active Summer-camp

We at Dalian American International School aim to educate the whole child and extend learning beyond the classroom and even beyond the academic year. DAIS offers multiple After School Activities and extracurricular programs during the academic year. And after the school doors close for summer, we run the Sea Dragon Camp on campus for children from diverse backgrounds. This provides a fantastic opportunity for kids to exercise their minds and bodies through the array of classes offered, allowing them to explore their interests while opening their minds to new potential passions.

June: Color Wars

On June 1st, we wrapped up the year for Elementary School kids and organized an exciting day of activities and athletics during our annual Sport's Day. Students participated in Sink the Ship, Hula Hut, Card Sharks, Cannon Ball, Capture the Flag, and other fun activities - we had eight stations all over the campus this year.

Congratulations to the White Team 1 that won the team spirit award, to the Yellow Team for their sportsmanship award, and of course to the Black Team 1 who were named the champions this year for winning the most games. Fun was had by all!

Active Summer with Dalian American International School-Active Summer

July: Sea Dragon Summer Camp

During the last two weeks of July, many DAIS students as well as outside families joined the Sea Dragon Summer Camp held in the world class facilities of our school. This English language immersion summer camp aims toward students aged 4 to 12. Each class was equipped with an international teacher, and at least two bilingual DHS/DAIS students served as Camp Counselors.

Students participated in fun and hands-on learning across the visual arts, math, science, performing arts, and sports. Every week, we took them to off-site field trips to Blueberry Farm or Golden Pebble Beach. Boarding students could additionally benefit from our comfortable and safe boarding facilities located on campus.

Active Summer with Dalian American International School-Active Summer

August: Secondary Summer Camp

In addition to the July Summer Camp for 4-12-year-old children, we are offering summer camp options during the first two weeks of August to our secondary aged students. They will be able to participate in fun and engaging activities: STEAM, Introduction to Psychology, and Girls Soccer.

Soon: After School Activities

We are already halfway through the summer, and though we still have time to relax and recharge, the first day of school, August 16th, is approaching. We cannot wait for the new season of After School Activities at DAIS! Our students will have more chances to extend and apply their classroom knowledge, to develop intellect, character, and health in a safe and welcoming environment.

We wish you all safe, restful, and enjoyable last few weeks of summer vacation and hope to see all students and their families back on campus in mid-August.