26 November, 2021

Online Learning at DAIS

Distance learning

Teachers here at DAIS are working to provide an engaging distance learning experience that continues students’ academic growth, as well as supporting their social emotional well-being. We are working hard to maintain a quality distance learning environment before we can return on campus.

Our distance learning structure blends synchronous and asynchronous learning. Whole group instruction takes place at the beginning of each lesson connecting to prior knowledge, introducing the learning objective, a demonstration of the learning objective through a presentation. Asynchronous learning can include teacher led small group instruction, small group student led instruction, and independent work. Our goal is to mirror a regular school day, but also provide time to get off screen and work.

Online class

Virtual learning at DAIS is not just having teachers lecture on one side of the screen. There are engaging videos and pictures, well-planned teaching materials and activities prepared for each class. Our distance learning experience is diverse, interactive and fun!

Distance learning is a tremendous shift for students, teachers, and parents. With this shift comes the need to focus on everyone’s well-being. We are taking opportunities to build in class and team building activities to support well-being. We’re also asking parents to get students offline and participate in engaging activities with the family.

Keep promises

Preparing for the Winter Concert

“When the unchanging music-loving elves meet the evil, dark Wizard, what will happen?”

“Santa’s reindeer walked off the job. What’s going to happen to Christmas this year?”

Upper and Lower Elementary music teachers Dr. Gifford and Mr. Reyna prepared scripts for their winter concerts featuring prerecorded video scenes interspersed with live on-stage singing and dancing.

With the switch to distance learning, unfinished scenes, songs, and dances need to be recorded from home. Students received large sheets of green butcher paper in take-home toolkits to serve as green screens as well as other necessary materials.

Recording videos at home is not always easy. Camera being too low, not the right angle, not enough light in the room… Teachers identified different problems and turned them into a great opportunity to learn. We cannot wait to see the complete performances on December 2nd.

Thank you to all our community for the magical moments you are creating online!