Speech Contest

On Tuesday, November 26th DAIS and Huamei students took part in the 9th Annual Speech Contest.

On Tuesday, November 26th DAIS and Huamei students took part in a speech contest organized by Mr. Joel Sparks, Mr. Joshua Carter and Mr. Kevin Stoficik – Secondary School English Language Arts and Social Studies teachers. Students could choose themselves whether to prepare an Oratory Speech or to make an Impromptu Speech. Chris Boyle, DAIS Secondary Principal, was the moderator of the event.

The speech contest is a great chance for students to practice their English language skills as well as to show their courage. The jury and the audience gave a round of applause to every participant and encouraged the students to participate in more speech and debate activities in order to build character, improve language fluency and academic skills.

The winner of the Oratory Speech was Sarah Kim, and Daisy Chen won the second place as well as the audience choice award. Jenny Liu was the best in the Impromptu Speech, followed by Danny Liu in second place. Amy Xu, the youngest participant of the Impromptu Speech section, was rewarded by the audience.

The Start of School Year

The start date for all DAIS divisions has been moved from August 5th to September 1st. We continue to monitor the recent Covid-19 outbreak in the Dalian area and will report to the community any impact that this outbreak may have on the start of the school year.