Character Counts

DAIS is implementing the Character Education program.

Dalian American International School recognizes the importance of developing strong character within our students. All staff across the school will be implementing and promoting the Character Counts program. What is character and how is it formed? Character is who we really are. It’s what we do when no one is looking. It’s the accumulation of thoughts, values, words, and actions. These become the habits that comprise our character. That character determines our destiny.

On Friday, August 30th and on Saturday, August 31rd we were pleased to have an expert visiting us from Chicago to train DAIS community on the Character Counts program. Dr. Gary Smit is one of Character Counts premier presenters, the dean of Faculty for CHARACTER COUNTS!, and the author of numerous journal articles and books. His trainings have been held throughout the United States, and in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Bolivia, Bermuda and Nigeria.

Dr. Smit ran a parent workshop at DAIS on Friday morning. The teachers worked with Gary on Friday afternoon and then again, all day Saturday. DAIS students were also introduced to the Character Counts program on Monday, August 26th during a school assembly in our brand-new gym.

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