02 May, 2024

DAIS Sea Dragon Swimming Team Rocks!

Swimming pool in Shanghai

Our fabulous swimming team has been busy this spring as they participated in large-scale athletic events in and outside Dalian and brought home a bunch of medals. Good job, Sea Dragons!

Sea Dragons Sports Spectacular

On Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13 there was a huge buzz around the school as we invited schools from Jinshitan, Shenyang, Changchun and Xi'an for the Inaugural Sea Dragons Sports Spectacular. Changchun American International School (CAIS) and Oriental Cambridge International School (OCIS), Shenyang competed in a number of swimming events with our Sea Dragons.

Swimming competition

There were some outstanding performances in the pool, and swimmers from Dalian American International School received a significant number of medals. Our team members can be proud of their achievements as we continue to work and develop our swimming program under the guidance of our coaching team of Ms. Sonya Boufath, Mr. Yonglin Liu, Ms. Fan and Ms. Jacques.

Lucia Larraona, Grade 7, won a few medals

Lucia Larraona, DAIS Grade 7 (in the middle)

Ms. Sonya Boufath, Head swimming coach: "The Sea Dragon Sports program has been an exceptional journey for both coaches and for our athletes. Together, we dedicated ourselves to achieving our shared goals. The swimmers exhibited remarkable dedication and seriousness in their pursuit of improvement. Our collective experience was a blend of camaraderie, learning from mistakes, and a profound display of determination throughout the entire season.

Hosting our inaugural swim meet was a highlight, fostering an environment of learning and camaraderie. Coaches and athletes alike gleaned invaluable lessons, forged new friendships, and extended warmth and hospitality to our visitors. However, this experience served as a preparatory phase as we geared up to compete at a higher echelon with the Rocket Science Swim Team."

ROCKSTARS Long Course Swim Meet

On April 27, our Sea Dragons swimmers successfully competed in the ROCKSTARS Long Course swim meet hosted by Rocket Science in Shanghai. There were hundreds of swimmers at the meet from various clubs and schools. Our team emerged triumphant, with several standout performances, personal best times shattered, and well-deserved recognition in the form of awards. Beyond the individual achievements, the Sea Dragons demonstrated remarkable team spirit and camaraderie, uplifting each other throughout the event and leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

Swimming competition in Shanghai

We're thrilled to announce that our Sea Dragon athletes returned from the ROCKSTARS Long Course swim meet adorned with two gold medals and one bronze, marking a triumphant display of their talent and dedication. Their outstanding performances not only brought glory to our team but also served as a testament to their relentless training and unwavering commitment to excellence. Congratulations!

DAIS student took the first place in swimming competition

Ivanka Zhong, DAIS Grade 7: "The Sea Dragon Sports Spectacular was simply a great experience; the event really gave me a good view of how swim competitions really work. Along with that, from the moment of knowing I was provided with the chance to compete against other very skilled swimmers at the ROCKETSCIENCE sports event in Shanghai, I wasn’t even filled with a bit of confidence, however, with the guidance and support of my coaches and teammates, they lifted me through all of it. The trip to Shanghai was filled with so much laughter and is one to remember. From the races, I must say that I really saw the competitiveness and eagerness to win come out in us. Be ready for us next year ROCKET SCIENCE!"

Rockstar Swim Meet

Zack Abderrahmene, DAIS Grade 6: "When I first walked in the Rocket Science pool, I was very impressed! I have to admit that my heart raced with anticipation yet despite my best efforts I found myself unable to keep pace with their seasoned swimmers! However, I have returned to our pool with renewed determination committing myself to daily training to enhance both my skills and speed. Rocket Science mark my words - I’m preparing to make a triumphant return determined to see our school’s name claim the top on that illustrious leaderboard!"

DAIS swimming team in Shanghai

Ms. Sonya Boufath, Head swimming coach: "Looking ahead to September, we eagerly anticipate showcasing our prowess and tenacity, aiming to secure more gold medals and epitomize the relentless spirit of the Sea Dragons. I extend my deepest gratitude to my esteemed team - Miss Fan, Mr. Liu, and Mrs. Stacy - for their unwavering dedication and support. Without their guidance, none of this would have been possible. So, onward and upward, Team Sea Dragons!"

Go Sea Dragons!