04 March, 2024

GECMUN X: Model United Nations Conference in Jeju

GECMUN Conference

After 4 years of COVID-19, the GECMUN X conference was the first time DAIS/DHS sent an MUN delegation out of the country - and going to Jeju for MUN was like nothing I've ever done before. I looked forward to the conference all year since I first knew we were going to attend, and actually going was even better than I expected. GECMUN uses a completely different MUN system as the domestic procedures we follow, but it was an exciting experience nonetheless, and definitely a bang to end my high school MUN delegate career.

MUN conference in Korea

Apart from just the MUN experience, we had a blast in Jeju. Jeju is a famous nature reserve with many UNESCO sites, and with our school's support, we got an extra free day to explore the island and see what the island had to offer- of course, we also found time to eat good food and go to fun locations.

I'd recommend MUN travel conferences too anyone who is in the MUN program at our school - whether that be a local, domestic, or international conference. I know the 2024-2025 school year has many conferences planned, such as our local DAISMUN, domestic conferences in Shanghai and Beijing, and international ones in India, the Netherlands, and Korea. If you're interested in MUN and these awesome trips, sign up for the DAISMUN program next year!

Ein Sel
DAIS Grade 12