14 November, 2022

DAISMUN Fall 2022 Conference

Security Council

On November 11-12, Dalian American International School students participated in the MUN Fall 2022 Conference held on our campus. The theme of this year's conference was "Embracing Sustainability." All four committees, namely General Assembly, Human Right Council, Security Council, and the Commission on the Status of Women discussed sustainable development, global poverty and hunger, revitalization and growth in the aftermath of the global crisis that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, and other issues of the modern world.

Human Rights Council

Preparing for the conference, students take on the role of a delegate of a country and write academic country reports, position papers and resolutions based on topics from specific committees. Critical thinking skills alongside character values help students develop innovative, inclusive, and creative solutions to problems such as but not limited to racism, the climate crisis, gender inequality, and economic and social issues.

Congratulations to the award-winning students:

   Best Delegate   Outstanding Delegate 
 General Assembly  Joni Li  Spring Bian
 Human Rights Council  Misa Irie  JinGang Lin
 Security Council  Julius Chen  Natalie He
 Commission on the Status of Women  Hanna Cho  Ashton Liu


With more than 100 participants and an amazing MUN Leadership Team (Charmain Xu, Ein Sel, Eileen Wu, Rebecca Yu, Rebecca Lyu) supervised by Mr. Robert Flanagan and Mr. David Hopkinson, DAISMUN conference has grown into one of the largest student-led academic events for international students in Dalian.

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