28 October, 2022

Halloween Themed House Event

Halloween costume

School life is much more than just classroom hours. It is the best time when we make friends, build character, and learn communication skills. We at Dalian American International School seek to involve students in extracurricular activities of all kinds.

The DAIS Middle School Student Council and High School Student Government play a key role in our student community life. While in secondary school, students learn the importance of leadership, service, and attention to detail as they work together to provide different events for their fellow classmates and teachers. At the same time, leadership experience looks good on college applications and helps our graduates to secure a place at their first choice of university.

Costume contest winners

On October 28, Student Government hosted the second House Event of the year. In order to celebrate the upcoming Halloween, Student Government created a variety of Halloween-themed activities, from the Thriller Dance competition to the costume contest. Takeda and Francis were named the most creative Halloween costume makers, while Ashton and Jared wore the scariest ones.

The HS StuGov also announced the ‘MasterChef’ contest winners. Students were invited to film an original video of themselves cooking, and the winners received Winter Dance tickets as a prize. Congratulations to Ashton, Gabriel, Erin, Eric, and Johnny!