Seadragon Splash: DAIS Upper Elementary Spring Concert

On Thursday, May 14th DAIS grades 3-5 welcomed us to Seadragon Splash – this year’s UE spring concert.

On Thursday, May 14th DAIS grades 3-5 welcomed us to Seadragon Splash – this year’s Upper Elementary spring concert. The concert celebrated water through songs and movement. Students explored the fun of water and shared important messages about the value of water.

We opened the concert with “Clap and Sing, Join Together!” – the song that students were preparing last year, but couldn’t perform on the stage due to Covid. Kids also sang two songs from Moana, both in English and a native Hawaiian language, accompanied by movements that were developed through experimentation in class and included a section of sign language.

During performance students also demonstrated some dances and played instruments of their choice. They showed how they develop their voices, train their ears, and have fun in classroom. Some songs were presented both in unison and in a two-part round. 

But maybe the most interesting part was a musical composition demo that all students gave us. Have you ever wondered how a composer builds a composition? There are many ways! One way is using small building blocks of musical ideas. Each grade level took turns demonstrating the creation of a musical work using only four blocks of musical material. Audience was guided step-by-step with pre-recorded video clips by students. That was very engaging and insightful!

Thank you to Dr. G and all Upper Elementary students for this unforgettable show!

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The full concert video can be found here.

Sea Dragon Splash Celebrating Water In Song

Please watch this video for some concert highlights.