Science Week for the DAIS Elementary School Students

During the last week of May we celebrated the Science Week.

During the last week of May we celebrated the Science Week at Dalian American International School. Elementary school kids were engaged in different activities, including student-led classes in secondary science labs and the fantastic Science Afternoon on Friday in the ES building.

On Wednesday, May 26th, DAIS Grade 1 students visited Mr. Tim Sim’s science lab where his AP Physics students taught the kids some basics of astronomy. That was super fun! Elementary students learned something about the life cycle or stars, gravity, and even could calculate their weight on different planets of our Solar System. Then high school students performed some experiments with a live turtle (no worries, the animal wasn’t hurt) and an almost real burning star.

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On Friday, May 28th it was the Grade 3 students’ turn to visit the secondary science lab. Mr. Sim’s students organized three stations to tell kids about different forces. That was a great chance for elementary students to connect with science – not only read about it, but run real experiments and ask a thousand questions about physics.

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On Friday DAIS Elementary School also hosted a Science Afternoon. Parents and family were invited to engage in various science activities hosted by our homeroom classrooms. Each homeroom was sharing either a science project or engineering challenge. Parents were encouraged to begin the afternoon in their child’s homeroom, then explore other classes to learn all about our DAIS Elementary Science program. Each activity was designed to be 15 to 20 minutes long, so parents were able to visit multiple classrooms during the event. They saw the wonderful projects the students have been preparing during the year.

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