Maple Leaf MUN Conference

Our delegation received compliments at the Maple Leaf MUN Conference on December 4-5.

Our delegation received compliments on their maturity and knowledge of MUN procedures at the Maple Leaf MUN Conference on December 4-5.

This year’s conference offered three committees for debate, and our students won all three best delegate awards. The Best delegate individual award winners are Selina Sun for World Health Organization, Raymond Bian for Security Council, and Daniel Park for General Assembly.

If you see any of the following students, please say congratulations and ask them about their experience at the conference:

Borys Baranov Catherine Zhang Charmain Xu
Chelsey Ding Christine Wang Cindy Xiao
Eileen Wu Ein Sel Evans Liang
Hanna Cho Ian Liu Jazzton Lu
Judy Zhou Kathy Qian Linda Feng
Meiiga Gao Samuel Liu Tommy Cho
Our students worked in these committees:

  • General Assembly (Chair: Kathy Qian from DAIS, Deputy Chair: Chenny from DMLIS, topics being discussed: “Refugee Displacement, Inclusion, and Settlement into Host Communities” and “Addressing Black Market Medication and the International Drug Problem”)
  • World Health Organization (Chair: Judy Zhou representing DAIS, Deputy Chair: Lexi from DMLIS, topics of discussion: “Healthcare within the Global Environment” and “Current Development and Side Effects of Coronavirus Vaccines”)
  • Security Council (Chair: Nino Xv from DMLIS, Deputy Chair: DAIS student Meiiga Gao, they adressed these topics: “Measures to Promote Women, Peace and Security” and “Strengthening Cooperation for Global Security in a Post Covid World”)

We are proud of their engagement and commitment before and at the conference. We also want to say thank you to Ms. Liu and Mr. McLoughlin for giving up their weekend and for their hard work in the classroom to prepare the students. This experience was extremely valuable to our students in so many ways!