Kids Read

DAIS is still hosting the ACAMIS Kids Read event this year.

DAIS was scheduled to host a Kids Read event for schools across China on February 28th, 2020. Eight schools were planning on joining us for the day. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, events across the world had to be canceled or postponed. Without the absolute need for students to physically be here, we decided to press on and change the format of the event. Luckily with technology we are able to continue digitally.

Kids Read is a trivia-based competition that consists of 10 rounds with questions coming from a list of 100 books that the teams received last spring. Throughout April, international schools across China will be competing from the classroom or their couches using the online quiz platform Kahoot. DAIS is thrilled to be able to allow students the ability to show what they have been working on for the past year, and we look forward to seeing if DAIS can defend in May.

The online competition started on April 21st, and May 8th will be the deadline. Thank you to Ms. Erin Wilson and Ms. Melissa Lassers for finding a way to move the event online and allow our students and many others around China the chance to compete.

Click the link to find out more about DAIS Kids Read.