Interview with Justin Sheehan

This year DAIS is implementing a brand-new Design program.

This year DAIS is implementing a brand-new Design program. Mr. Justin Sheehan, Design Department Head, and Mr. Taylor Hayman have been launching the latest version of the Design Thinking curriculum alongside the brand new d_Lab makerplace – new Design Spaces located in the basement of the Secondary School. As students develop skills in Engeneering and Product design, they will seek engineering challenges which exist outside of the classroom and develop novel solutions to these real-world problems. As they tackle complex programming concepts in Coding and Digital Project Management, they will explore the relevance of coding to the arts and sciences in addition to traditional fields of software and game development.

DAIS is really proud to have Mr. Sheehan as an educator and Design Thinking department developer. Justin is eager to promote STEM education through coding and engineering program. Please check his interview to Zenva Academy to learn more about his experience: