House Extravaganza Sports Day

Friday, September 25th was the House Extravaganza Sports Day for DAIS/HM grades 6-12.

On Friday, September 25 we held the House Extravaganza Sports Day for grades 6-12, brought to us by High School Student Government. Instead of Beach Day, which had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions this year, we had a morning of friendly competition between houses here on DAIS campus.

Early in the morning, after reporting to advisories for attendance and dressing up in their house color t-shirts (red, blue, yellow or green), students headed off to the soccer field to meet their Student Gov Officers. 

The high school student officers took the lead for the whole day: they escorted their groups to games, explained the rules, took pictures, cheered their fellow schoolmates and made sure that everything goes smoothly and joyously. Every student had a chance to play four offbeat games in turn: Big Ball Volleyball, Relay Race, Dr. Dodgeball, and Matball. The Sports Day ended up with Capture the Flag on the soccer field.

The House Extravaganza Sports Day is a great way to build community, take care of students’ health and have fun. Thank you to the Student Government for working to provide this opportunity!

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