Soccer Clinic for a Cause

On Friday, April 30th the Girls’ Soccer Team offered a charity clinic for elementary students.

On Friday, April 30th the Girls’ Soccer Team offered a charity soccer clinic for elementary students. The team delivered fun drills and taught the participants fundamental soccer skills. This fundraiser raised 1400 RMB and the money was used to buy needed supplies and brain-engaging “toys” for Aunty Wang’s Elderly Care Home. The girls worked very hard putting this fundraiser together and learned the importance of caring, responsibility, and citizenship.

Eileen Wu Yilin: As the treasurer for this fundraiser, I communicated with coaches and other officers about the expected profits, approximate expenditures, and ways to collect money, etc. Under the school’s policy, we first filled out and signed the fundraiser form with our proposal for it to get approved. To find an effective way to collect money and get more kids involved, we used the SchoolsBuddy website to get kids signed up for the soccer clinic and made fliers and posters around the elementary building to share the information about this opportunity for fun.

With the profits from this clinic, we purchased basic needs and brain-engaging board games for the elderly, such as mini majiang board, magic cubes, and poker, etc. By delivering these to Aunty Wang’s Elderly Care Home, they have more access to basic supplies and brain training chances.

Maya Tashiro: As soccer captain this year and a dedicated member of the soccer team for the last 3 years, not being able to attend ACAMIS this year due to COVID cancellations was heartbreaking. Nonetheless, being able to participate in the soccer clinic program matched and maybe even exceeded the excitement that I achieved through previous ACAMIS experiences. It motivated me to focus at every practice and hone my teaching skills to best assist the little kids. To prepare, I looked online at soccer drill websites to craft a comprehensive plan for the kids. The best part of the soccer clinic was seeing both the girls’ soccer team players and the trainees having the time of their lives. The bright smiles on their faces made me feel proud and accomplished and most definitely made my last soccer year unforgettable. I hope that the kids can carry my lessons forward and continue to build their passion for soccer.

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By Eileen Wu Yilin and Maya Tashiro

About the authors: Eileen Wu Yilin has been a student at DAIS for 2 years and is finishing grade 10 while Maya Tashiro is a senior, she has been a DAIS student for 3 years and is heading to the University of Toronto in the fall.