First Annual Egg Drop Challenge

This year DAIS offered the Summer Enrichment Program from June 8 to June 24.

For the last two weeks of school year 2019-2020, DAIS elementary students participated in the First Annual Egg Drop Challenge. Originally, it was supposed to be a joint event together with DHBS, but the post-virus schedule prevented it from happening this year. However, each division was able to have their own egg-dropping event.

The challenge was organized by our Design teacher Ben Newton. The students were given a specific time limit, could only use recycled materials, and were tasked with creating an invention that would protect their eggs. A height was chosen based on the grade level of the students. The minimum height of the egg drop was the 2nd floor. Students in grade levels closer to 4th and 5th had their egg devices dropped from at least the 4th floor.

Overall, more than half of the eggs survived. This activity was a fun learning experience that gave our students insights into how things are designed.