Families Came Together for a Exciting Community Event

On Friday, September 24th the Parent-School Partnership invited us to the traditional Family Fun Night.

On Friday, September 24th the Parent-School Partnership invited us to gather with neighbors and to meet new people in our community during the traditional Family Fun Night. Games and activities, smiles and hugs, Chinese and western snacks and music – that was a perfect party for old and young. Thank you to the PSP for hosting this excellent community building opportunity and bringing us together on campus!

Kids (and adults too!) could take part in all kinds of funny games, starting from the tug-of-war competition and then continuing all around the field. Soap bubbles, cute stickers, trampoline, horse riding and many more – we had so much fun!

Ready, Set, Go!

As part of our Family Fun Night celebration, the cross country team at Dalian American International School organized a 3K Family Race. Students, parents, and staff encouraged each other to finish the race demonstrating values like companionship, resilience, and grit. We want to give a huge thanks to Mr. Coyer, the organizer of the event, the volunteers that took care of the logistics, and to all our participants!

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Male Adult – Xiaoming J. (11:31)
  • Female Adult – Hiriti H. (12:51)
  • Male U19 – Matthew L. (12:04)
  • Female U19 – no winner
  • Male U14 – Aman T. (11:52)
  • Female U14 – Semra T. (13:54)

If you got tired after many exciting activities around the campus, you could take a break next to food and beverage outlets and enjoy a burger, some skewers, pancakes, soda or milk tea to the accompaniment of the music band from the Hard Rock Hotel.

It is great when our amazing community can get together to celebrate one another, break bread and fellowship!

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