DAIS Elementary and Secondary Students are Back on Campus

DAIS Elementary and Secondary students were back onto campus today after weeks of online learning.

After being separated for more that two months because of a local COVID-19 outbreak in Dalian, DAIS Elementary and Secondary students were back onto campus today. It was such a good day as we welcomed students in classrooms after almost 7 weeks of online learning. Though we all still need to wear masks these days, they cannot hide smiles on our faces as we finally reconnect with each other. Kids are happy to meet their teachers and friends on campus and to participate in some engaging classroom activities. Regardless of the format (hybrid, onsite, or distance) our teachers will focus on team/class building and social emotional well-being this week, in addition to the academics.

We have been given directives by the Ed Bureau that must be followed to ensure that our campus remains as safe as possible. Students and teachers need to submit certain documents and to show a green health pass before entering the school. We strictly follow COVID-19 Operation Protocols and ask our students, teachers and staff to wear masks while in the school buildings, wash hands and use hand sanitizer multiple times a day. Our cleaning staff are hard at work every day to ensure a hygienic environment. We also ask parents to check that students are healthy and free of febrile symptoms (fever, cough, sneezing, etc.) before returning to school. DAIS is committed to creating a safe and healthy school environment. 

With the short notice not all DAIS students were able to return to class on Wednesday, some of them are boarding students that need to turn in a recent Covid test before entering the boarding facility. As these students still need access to instruction, many of our teachers had to adopt a hybrid teaching model for the remainder of the week. They keep Microsoft Teams open on a computer throughout the class so that online students can follow the lesson, and post all assignments and resources on Teams too. Hybrid instruction is difficult, but this will only be for a short period of time before we can return to normal instruction.

We want to thank our teachers for their flexibility while we’re going through these difficult times together!