Drawing Competition Results

We are ready to announce the winners of the drawing competition that took place at the Little Kyoto Japanese Fair.

In October we held a postcard drawing competition at the Little Kyoto Japanese Fair in Jinshitan where DAIS hosted a booth. Many children from Dalian American International school as well as the local community created and presented their artworks during the event.

We had more than 80 participants, and more than 300 beautiful postcards were submitted. Over the last month, DAIS visual arts teachers spent hours looking through the pictures and selecting the best ones, and it was a difficult choice to make, because all kids are truly talented.

Finally, here are the winners:

Preschool group
First prize: Mei Yin (Dalian Qihe Kindergarten) Second prize: Liu Yiran (Jida Kindergarten) and Zhao Chu
Third prize: Cao Jinning and Xiao Xi (Dalian Peekaboo Kindergarten) Special prize: Elza (Dalian Huamei Montessori Preschool)
Lower Elementary group
Grand prix: Kevin (DHBS) First prize: Amelia (DHBS)
Second prize: Zhang Chuhan (Dalian Gangwan Primary School) Third prize: Dong Xianmei (Dalian Santa Clara Primary School)
Special prize: Zhang Anqi (Dalian High-tech Zone Experimental Primary School) Special prize: Wang Yaying (Dalian University of Technology)
Upper Elementary group
Grand prix: Li Chenguang (Dalian High-tech Zone Central Primary School) First prize: Li Yiwen (DMLIS)
Second prize: Vlad Ulyakhin (DAIS) Third prize: Lan Kaibo (Dalian Binhai School)
Special prize: Hellen (DHBS) Special prize: Pang Han (Dalian Jinshitan Experimental Primary School)


We will contact all families and give away the awards very soon.

Click here to see more pictures.