DAIS 3K Fun Race

On Friday, September 18 DAIS invited all students, staff and parents to take part in the 3K Race.

Dalian American International School invited all students, staff, and parents to challenge our Cross Country team in a 3 km race on September 18th. Fun Run events in the fall semester is a long-standing tradition at DAIS. This year we had 38 people participating in the race on Friday evening. The weather was ideal for running, and it was wonderful to see everyone pushing yourselves with our community cheering the participants on.

Our winners for each division and their official race times are below:

Division M F
U14 Aman Tefsu (12:08.06) Semra Tesfu (14:39.06)
U19 Charlie Liu (11:27.00) Chelsey Ding (15:10.00)
Adult Jerret Knoblock (10:39.08) Gianna Fable (12:27.07)

We will have another race next month, and we hope everyone can join us again to challenge yourself and each other.