25 April, 2024

Night at the Movies: Spring Instrumental Concert

School band ond orchestra

On April 25, the DAIS/DHS Bands and Orchestras transported the audience into a realm of cinematic wonder with their "Night at the Movies" concert.

Kicking off the evening was the enchanting rendition of Antonio Vivaldi's "A Taste of Spring" by our saxophone quartet, setting the stage for a musical odyssey.

Secondary school orchestra

The Advanced Full Orchestra captivated the audience with their rendition of Richard Strauss' "Also sprach Zarathustra," evoking the grandeur of "2001: A Space Odyssey." "The Odyssey" by Soon Hee Newbold took listeners on a mythical journey alongside the Advanced Orchestra, while the Beginning and Advanced Orchestra navigated the high seas with the swashbuckling adventure of Hans Zimmer's "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End," conducted by Samantha Villanueva, DAIS Grade 8 student.

Student bass players 

The String Quintet mesmerized us with their interpretation of "William Tell Overture-Finale" by Gioachino Rossini showcasing their precision and artistry. Deborah Baker Monday's "Beyond the Thunder" took the audience out of their time and place with the evocative melodies of the Beginning Orchestra, while Richard Meyer's "Dragonhunter" added a sense of adventure and excitement to the performance lineup.

Beginning orchestra

"Fanfare and Fireworks" by Brian Balmages ignited the stage with energy and enthusiasm as the Beginning Full Orchestra took center stage. Ms. Ashley Mims led the Beginning Band in a triumphant rendition of John Williams' "Star Wars: Main Theme," captivating audiences with its iconic melodies. "Field Day" by Chris M. Bernotas showcased the talent of the Beginning Full Orchestra, infusing the performance with youthful exuberance and spirit.

Beginning and Intermediate Band

The Beginning and Intermediate Band paid homage to the superhero realm with their rendition of Ludwig Göransson's "Black Panther," thrilling audiences with its dynamic and powerful sound. After a beautiful rendition of "In the Hall of the Mountain King" performed by the Saxophone Quartet, the "Mission: Impossible" by Lalo Schifrin electrified the stage with its pulsating rhythms and driving energy as the Intermediate and Advanced Band took center stage. Conducted by Suah Lee, the Intermediate and Advanced Band continued with their rendition of Ludwig Göransson's "The Mandalorian," capturing the essence of the beloved series with precision and passion.

Suah Lee as a conductor

Robert W. Smith's "Into the Storm" swept the audience away with its powerful and evocative melodies, performed with gusto by the Full Orchestra. Selections from "Moana," arranged by Jay Bocook and conducted by our student Joestar Han, transported listeners to the lush landscapes of Polynesia, capturing the spirit of adventure and discovery.


The Advanced Full Orchestra paid homage to the epic fantasy world of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" with their performance of Howard Shore's iconic score, arranged by Bob Cerulli. Finally, the concert reached its epic conclusion with John Williams' "Duel of the Fates," conducted by Joestar Han and arranged by Jerry Brubaker, leaving the audience spellbound by the grandeur and drama of the performance.