26 March, 2024

Redefining the Impossible, Realizing the Changes: DAISMUN XIV Conference

Model United Nations conference

On March 15-16, DAISMUN hosted its 14th annual conference. We were honored to welcome students from international schools all over China to join our delegates in two fruitful days of debate where they collaborated to find solutions to real-world issues. During the conference, we were delighted to host students and teachers from the British School of Guangzhou, Hangzhou International School, Leman International School Chengdu, Maple Leaf International School, Xi'an Hanova International School, and Xiamen International School.

DAISMUN opening ceremony

On Friday morning, students gathered in the north gym for the opening ceremony. At DAISMUN XIV, we continued the theme "Redefining the Impossible: Realizing the Changes", emphasizing the importance of constantly challenging our own limits.

To start off the opening ceremony, Ms. Mims led a string quartet that played two beautiful pieces. We also welcomed speeches from the Head of Secondary at DAIS, Mr. Nathan Burton, guest speaker from the US Consulate in Shenyang, Mr. Stanislas Phanord, and this year's Secretary-General, Ein Sel.

Mathis, DAISMUN delegate

At DAISMUN XIV, a total of 6 committees were hosted in the span of two days: UNEP, UNOOSA, UNESCO, Security Council, US Congress, and ICJ. In these committees, delegates debated on a variety of topics including combating climate change, use of artificial intelligence, and space exploration.

On Saturday evening, after two days filled to the brim with amendments, speeches, and POIs, we gathered back in the north gym for the closing ceremony. Mr. Robert Flanagan, this year's Director of the DAISMUN program, and Zuri Qu, this year's Deputy Secretary-General, took the stage to congratulate participants on their achievements in the past two days. Last but not least, committee chairs were welcomed on stage for the well-anticipated announcement of each committee's recognition of their best and outstanding delegates.

MUN committee president and deputy president

This year, the DAISMUN program also presented the best delegation award for the school it acknowledged to have the most prepared, active, and knowledgeable group of students across the entire conference. It is with pleasure to announce that this year's best delegation recognition was awarded to Hangzhou International School!

As a non-MUN student joining the MUN conferences this year, I was able to experience how it feels to represent a state and learn how to debate on different topics. Although at first I wasn't quite confident, I quickly got accustomed to the process and joined in with the others. The responsibility of fighting for a belief felt very realistic, giving me an idea of how it works in the real world. Overall I really enjoyed these 2 days and learned a lot from my fellow delegates and chairs. It was a great opportunity and I hope to continue next year.

Zsombor Varadi
Delegate of US Congress

DAISMUN XIV was one of my most tiring conferences yet, but the late-night working and formal-shoe marathons were worth it. It was thrilling to see DAISMUN XIV become the 1st DAISMUN conference that had the most participating schools, especially seeing delegates from different schools collaborating with each other throughout the two days. It was rewarding to hear all the different feedback from our participants and delegates, and I hope delegates can be truly inspired by the various perspectives of global issues that people hold.

DAISMUN XIV was a good one, and I hope to see you all during DAISMUN Fall 2024 and DAISMUN XV!

Zuri Qu
Deputy Secretary General

Once again, we would like to thank all those who supported and contributed to the preparation and execution of DAISMUN XIV. This marks the end of another successful year of the DAISMUN program, and we hope to see all of you again next year at DAISMUN XV!